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We all have our preferred ways of getting to the work, whether it’s specific train lines or a combination of buses and trains. Stralto Transit uses real-time data (wherever available) from the various transit agencies to allow you to customize and pre-set your trip segments so you can simply ask Alexa or Google for a quick snapshot of your commute as you get ready to head out the door. Just ask the transit conductor!

Before you start using this tool, a few things to note:

  • This tool is in beta and is currently available for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook Messenger. 

  • Stralto cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data as they are pulled from third-party feeds, and is not liable for anything related to this tool. In fact, we are hoping you will help us find these inaccuracies, so we can hopefully correct them.

  • We are starting with the New York Metropolitan area for the beta, but the goal is to also add the other top 4 metropolitan areas (Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco) soon.

  • This is not a trip-planning tool and is not meant for the casual traveler or tourists.

  • Timing for the next segment cannot be provided if the previous segment does not have an end time in the real-time feed (e.g. NJ Transit Bus) or if the previous segment duration is too long (e.g. NYC MTA Bus) for the real-time feed of the next segment to have data for the trip that far in advance.

  • For NJ Transit Light Rail, data is being pulled from the Google Map API as no real-time feed is currently available for it .

  • For PATH Trains, we use a combination of real-time feed and Google Map API to give you the best possible prediction.

  • Service advisories are not currently provided through this app. If a certain train or bus is not running between certain stops because of planned work or some emergency, that train will not show up in the real time feed. e.g. If there is no 1 rain stopping at the 96th street station on Sunday due to planned work, the transit conductor will respond by saying that the transit feed has no trains departing.

Getting Set Up

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Feedback and Reporting a Problem
Please email us at to let us know any general feedback or if you have a problem with one of your trips.  This will help us improve the product and make it more useful for you and the rest of the world!
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