Girish Chhugani

Founder & CEO

Girish is the Founder and CEO of Stralto, Inc. With over 12 years in New York City government in various technology executive roles under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he has established himself as a leader and expert in smart cities and crisis management.

Joe Peter

Chief Operating Officer

Joe joined Stralto as Chief Operating Officer in Jan 2018. As a member of the executive team, he oversees the company’s operation efficiency & financial strengths. 


We got our start as civil servants, working for the Mayor’s Office of New York City. For over a decade, our CEO has been developing, implementing, and integrating solutions in the cloud for a variety of city agencies.  

Stralto was started to bring our knowledge and experience to government agencies across the country. We specialize in crisis and disaster management, grant management, and public safety solutions for both local and state governments agencies.