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Manage workloads at scale with clear insights and built-in acclerators

Stralto SLG: A solution accelerator built for State and Local Government agencies

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Why choose Stralto SLG?

From managing your budgets to communications with your vendors and constituents, Stralto SLG offers a low/zero-code platform that can be quickly customized to manage all your workloads


Low/zero-code platform with drag and drop creation of forms.

Advanced reporting

Powerful reporting wizard with the capability to export to pdf, excel, etc.

Get data on-demand

Dynamic integration with Excel to provide real-time data on demand.

Track documents

Advanced document tracking and management using Stralto DMX.

Customized alerts

Alerts and notifications based on a flexible set of criteria including statuses and dates.

Integrates easily

Effortless data integration with other major systems.

Better visibility

Dashboards that provide a 360 view of the information in the system using lists and graphs.

Analytics built-in

Advanced Find and Views for a more detailed view of the data.

Built for the future

Customize the system to manage any workload as necessary in the future.

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