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Getting Set Up 

Set up your profile at

Sign in with your same Google account that you use for your Google Home or Assistant. You can also use Facebook or Amazon to sign in, as long as the primary email is the same as your google account.


Google Home.png

Create Your Trip



Name your trip.


Pick a name that’s easy for you to pronounce and your voice assistant to understand (e.g. work, office, etc.). You will use this name to ask Alexa or Google how the commute looks.

Click or tap on “Add a Trip”


Select the time it takes for you to get to the station if you want the transit times based on when you get to the station.


For the first segment, you can also select “Use Traffic” to let us predict how long it will take you to get to the station based on traffic data.

You can also select if you want your voice assistant to respond to you in Time (e.g. 10:31am) or Minutes (e.g. 5mins) by selecting an option for Response Type.


Add Segments for each part of your trip by selecting the transit agency and then searching for your start and end stop.


You will need to add a segment for each train and/or bus you take to get to your destination. This is where you customize you commute to take you on your preferred route.

Click or tap on “Add a Trip”


Ask your Google Home “Hey Google, talk to Transit Conductor

You will get a welcome message with instructions for the first time you use it.

Setting up Google Home


Google Home will ask for permission to share your info name, email address, and profile picture.


Respond “Yes

Google Home will then follow up with the following reply “Ready to make your new Transit Conductor account and you will be sent an email confirmation


You're all set to start using Stralto Transit with your Google Home device!


Some examples of what you can ask...

Hey Google, Ask transit conductor, how’s the commute to (trip name)

Hey Google, Ask transit conductor, Where is my train to (trip name)

Hey Google, Ask transit conductor, I am going to (trip name)

Hey Google, Ask transit conductor, (trip name)

Additional Features

Setting Location

Saying” set location” will ask you for permission if you want to turn on or update the location in your profile. You only need to do this if you are using the “use traffic” option to determine the driving time to your stop for your trip.

Saying “reset location” will turn the location off.

NOTE: Google doesn’t have permissions within the app. For it to find your location you need to you’re your home location while in session.  Once the Transit Conductor is open by saying set location. This feature is for Google Home and set once. If you move your Google Home to a different address than you need to do set location again to set the new location. If you don’t have location set and are using “use traffic” it will default to the trains coming up now.

Adding a Routine

Add the Google Assistant app.

Search for " Transit Conductor" and add to your desired routine. 

Feedback and Reporting a Problem
Please email us at to let us know any general feedback or if you have a problem with one of your trips.  This will help us improve the product and make it more useful for you and the rest of the world!
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