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How can State and Local Governments ensure maximum efficiency of public grants?

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Shane Lucas


How can Grant management ever be this smooth?

With governments across the world dealing with a plethora of pressing issues at once, it has now become more imperative than ever to implement a contemporary grant management tool. Beyond assisting with potential funding requests and approvals, this tool is expected to accelerate delivery, improve transparency, and direct maximum funding for the people and businesses it is intended to help, all while creating a robust system of record to facilitate the audit process.

The several XXXBn projects that are simultaneously running across the country now require a strategy to ensure timely fund delivery to its constituents. And all this together has left decision makers faced with a challenge to package compliance, scalability, reliability, security and innovation with a competitive technology solution that bridges any potential gaps.

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On time, all the time

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Delivery of funds are time-sensitive in nature and require swift transactions to ensure maximum coverage.

Risks are under control

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Federal regulations and the huge transaction amounts make the risk of repayment a critical business challenge. With a stringent focus on getting this right, governments balance the use of manual checklists and system-based business rules to keep the process smooth and sailing.

100% Compliant

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The sensitive and confidential information in grants as a whole, is backed by a myriad of uncompromisable compliance requirements. Establishing a catalog of controls to ensure compliance with training or system enhancements goes a long way in ensuring transparency, traceability, and accountability.

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