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Enable citizen self-service at scale with Bot Service

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Empower citizens to do more on their own

Stralto Bot Service for Dynamics 365, enables your customers to check status, upload documents, submit and update information

Stay informed

Stralto BOT allows customers to check the status of applications, cases, service requests. etc.

Upload documents

Enables citizens to upload documents - powered by Stralto DMX.

Information update

Enables customers to submit and update information.

Stralto BOT is easily configurable

Our BOT solution is easy to set up and use. Configure the menus options, forms and mobilize your BOTs in minutes.

Connect with Twillio

Connect your Twilio phone number to our BOT service.

Menus and forms

Setup and configure menus and forms.

Ready in minutes

Setup is simple and takes minutes.

New York City

Have questions?

We're here to help you.

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