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Stralto SLG for Dynamics 365 is a solution accelerator specifically built for State and Local Government agencies to help them manage and gain insights into all of their operations.

From managing your budgets to communications with your vendors and constituents, SLG offers a low/zero-code platform that can be quickly customized to manage all your workloads. 





  • Manage grant programs, funding opportunities ,grant applications and grants by fiscal year. 

  • Manage funding announcements, agency grants including agency grant requests, and project grants. 

  • The grants module integrates with the budgeting module to automatically rollup and balance the budget based on cost sharing requirements. 

  • Manage projects, assets and contracts as part of the grants. 


  • Manage and track assets independently or as part of a project and/or contract.

  • Track an asset for it's entire lifecycle from its purchase to maintenance to disposition.

  • Keep track of Assets by Location and manage inventory and supply using our Field Services solution.

  • Integration with the Field Services module for a comprehensive asset management system.

  • Automatically syncs with budget, grants, contracts, and workforce module.


  • Keep track of project progress, status, budget/grant allocation and spending . 

  • Integration with the Project services module to provide a comprehensive resource and project management system. 


  • Manage all interactions and activities with prospective and current vendors. 

  • View of all projects, contracts, assets, and grants that the vendors are associated with. 

  • Manage vendor certifications like MWBE, Veterans, etc.` 


  • Manage End-to-End Procurement ranging from Micro-Purchases to RFPs.

  • Workflow to track the internal approval process of procurements.

  • Workflow to track the bidding process for procurements.

  • Manage and track proposals, evaluators, evaluations for the procurement.

  • Manage budgets for Grants, Capital and Operating expenses. 

  • Manage budget by Budget Lines and Fiscal Years.  

  • Real-time budget information if data is rolled up from the Contracts, Grants, Projects, Assets, and Payroll modules. 

  • Manage contracts all the way from solicitations to renewals and closing.

  • Track contracts by different types of milestones.

  • Create and pay invoices as they related to milestones.

  • Copy milestones between contracts.

  • Easily amend and renew contracts.

  • Automatic syncing of contract spending with budgets and grants.


The following features are available for all modules as part of the solution: 

  • Low/zero-code platform with drag and drop creation of forms 

  • Business Process and Workflow Management 

  • Advanced Document tracking and management using Stralto DMX 

  • Dashboards that provide a 360 view of the information in the system using lists and graphs. 

  • Powerful reporting wizard with the capability to export to pdf, excel, etc. 

  • Alerts and Notifications based on a flexible set of criteria including statuses and dates. 

  • Advanced Find and Views for a more detailed view of the data. 

  • Dynamic integration with Excel to provide real-time data on demand. 

  • Effortless data integration with other major systems. 

  • Customize the system to manage any workload as necessary. 

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