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From Bots to Digital IDs, Cities Put Tech to Work for Everyday Interactions

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Hello there,

Welcome to my first edition of :trending. After starting Stralto just over a year ago, I've been sharing articles around the office, from tech trends and smart city innovations to robots taking over the planet, and thought you might want to join the party. So, a couple times a month, I'll be sharing a round up of some of my favorites with a few insights from me, and an update here and there on what we're up to over at Stralto. Enjoy!


Bots aren't all that bad.

These days, there are a lot of mixed feelings about bots out in the universe. Mainly considered more of a nuisance vs. a helpful service. With the majority of the civilized population, especially in areas with slow or no internet, relying on mobile text messaging for their everyday needs and interactions; bots can also play a significant role in how cities interact with their citizens. It's great to see bots used for the greater good. It's a service we started integrating into our solutions to enhance further the interactions citizens can have with their governments.

Going digital

Just think about all the paper forms we still have to fill out and the wallet filled with IDs & credit cards we carry with us and are always afraid of losing.

While the idea of autonomous vehicles and robots doing our work floods the headlines, the real impact going digital can have on our day to day lives is just getting started. There is still a lot of work to be done to make our current systems smarter, automate our business processes, (really) go paperless and get all the data into a digital and accessible format that can be acted upon and shared with others in real-time. Only then can we really strive to be a truly smart society.


Adopting a digital id is a big step towards getting there.

In fact, Argentina launched its digital driver's license just this week with over 170,000 downloads in the first 24-hours. Congrats to Daniel Abadie and team!


Over at Stralto...

We've been hard at work adding new solutions and are excited to have Stralto DMX Microsoft Co-Sell Ready.

Some solution updates

  • Stralto DMX has added document upload functionality to the Microsoft CRM Portal

  • Enable customers to upload documents from your Microsoft CRM Public Portal.Classify by Document Types(e.g. Proof of Citizenship) and Sub Document Type(e.g. US Passport)

  • Configurable Document auto-naming to prevent confusion with names and duplications.

  • Control the number of required documents by types with an icon showing progress as well as the number remaining.

  • Auto-tagging, just like the internal DMX solution.

  • The setup is very simple and only takes minutes.

That's about it for this first edition. Hope to see you back!

And No, Robots are not taking over our jobs, at least for now...

because AI is still sometimes doing dumb things and will be for a while.

Cheers, Girish

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