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Exploring New Ways to Make Progress in Tech

Hello there,

On the eve of International Women’s Day, I can’t help but think about how so many inspiring women (much more than the men) have defined who I am both in my personal life and professional career, and I am forever grateful. While progress is being made for women in leadership positions in the tech world, the balance is still off. At Stralto, we are committed to being part of the solution, and it’s encouraging to see a company like Redfin taking a new approach in how they grow their talent pool that can be beneficial across the industry.


Looking at small cities to lead the way?

Building the city of the future from scratch is the ideal situation and can serve as a model for what existing cities should strive for to become smarter but how often will we build a smart city from scratch?

In reality, the majority of us live and work in big cities that have existed for decades, if not for centuries, and we can't just transform the cities overnight. Not to mention, the bigger the city, the longer it takes and the more complicated it can get. This is where testing through pilot programs comes in handy and can all a city to carefully implement and adjust a solution and so as to not disrupt the equilibrium of the city.


Lets look at the cloud.

A little over eight years ago, while working for NYC DoITT, I did a presentation for the NYS Forum in Albany about Cloud Computing and shared our vision with various technology leaders in New York State.  

I recently was reading through the presentation, and it is incredible how much the cloud and the way we use it has changed and expanded since then. I am not sure if this vision of shared services was ever realized and how the cloud now fits into the overall City of New York architecture, but one thing is for sure, it's only getting bigger, and there is a still a lot that should be in the cloud and is not.