How do I signup and get access to the solution?

Once you click on the "Get Access to the solution" button and signup, we will reach out to you and setup a demo and consultation. Although its as easy as just installng the solution to get strarted, we want to make sure you fully understand the system to maximize it's full potential. We will give you access to the solution and the documentation right after the consultation.

Why does SharePoint cost more than Azure Blob Storage?

SharePoint integration requires us to do a lot more intensive processing on the server side, which requires more infrastrucutre to securely and effieciently process documents and thus costs us more money.

Does the DMX Client work with the Microsoft CRM Portal (formerly ADX)?

This release does not have this functionality, but we are already working on building this functionality and will have it in the next release scheduled for Early 2019.

How Secure is the DMX Solution?

We are doing everything it takes to make sure your documents and your data are secure and are not compromised because of any security short comings in DMX. We are following these steps: 1. All the account data such as username, password and keys etc are stored in your dynamics environment and can only be accessed by the system administrator. 2. All the account data such as username, password and keys is encrypted and then passed to our services using https. We do not store this data in any cache,sessions or databases on the client or on the server side. It's only kept in memory for the duration of the api call. 3. The only information we store in our secure and encrypted database is your instance name and your dmx key, which can easily be regnerated from within the solution. 4. We check for signatures and headers when we receive the request from the client to make sure that the request is coming from your dynamics environment and not somewhere else. 5. The only way to sign up for the dmx subscription is through the configuration page in your imported solution and the subscription page is securely hosted on Chargebee payment portal. 6. The subscription portal is hosted by Chargebee and we do not store any of your private information including credit card information in our servers. 7. The documents are uploaded in chunks over https and none of these chunks are stored anywhere on our server. If any document data passes throught our services, it is temporarily kept in memory to perform the necessary operations. 8. Bottom line is that we are using all secure methods possible to transmit your data and documents and are not storing any sensitive data on our servers. All this data resides either in your Dynamics 365 instance or your document management system.



Twilio Setup


Signup for a Twilio Account and buy a phone number.


You can also buy vanity numbers and short code or port your own number to Twilio

bot 1.png


Setup a messaging service.

  1.Set Use Case to:

       Chat Bot/Interactive 2-Way



  3.Request URL is set to:


       HTTP POST

bot 2.png


Add the phone number you created to the service you just created.

bot 3.png


Before you leave Twilio, go to the Home Page and make a note of the Account SID and the Auth Token.

bot 4.png

Microsoft Azure Setup for Dynamics 365


In the Azure Portal, go to Azure Active Directory and create a new Application Registration.

Make sure the app has the appropriate permissions as shown.

The Dynamics CRM Online permission is required for the BOT Service to work.

bot 5.png


Go to the Application Registration (Preview) screen and make note of the Client ID and the Tennant ID.

bot 6.png


Also, on the Application Registration (Preview) screen, create and make a note of the Client Secret.

bot 7.png

Go to the Application Registration (Preview) screen and make note of the Client ID and the Tennant ID.

Import the provided StraltoBOT solution file into your Dynamics instance and go to the configuration page of the solution and sign up for the BOT service.


Once you finish signing up for the subscription you will see a BOT Key and a configuration form.


Use the information gathered from the above steps to fill out and submit the form shown.


Make sure to use a system administrator account for the Dynamics username and password fields.


All this information is encrypted and stored in our Azure SQL server and only made available to your BOT service.

bot 8.png

Dynamics 365 Setup


Dynamics 365 Configuration


Go to Settings, Customization's and Add BOTS entity to one of the menu’s if not already done.


Go to the BOTs entity from Settings (or section you added it to) and create a new BOT Configuration.

bot 9.png


Fill out the following information:

bot 10.png

Stralto BOT Key: You received the key when you signed up for the subscription. BOT Service will not work unless the BOT Key matches your Dynamics 365 online instance.


Welcome Text: This is the first text a customer receives when they start text messaging with your BOT number.


Known Profile: The text the customer receives if their profile is found in the system. The customer needs to be a contact in your Dynamics 365 instance and have the mobile phone number populated with the number they are texting from.


Unknown Profile: The text the customer receives if their mobile phone number does not match any of the contacts in your Dynamics 365 system.


Allow Customer to Register: This feature can be used to register customers to your system by asking for basic information (First Name, Last Name and Email Address). The mobile phone number is automatically added to the contact as part of the registration.


Save and next you can start adding a Menu to the BOT.

bot 11.png


Fill out the following information:

bot 12.png

Entity Name: Select the entity you want to attach to the menu option.


Contact Field: The lookup field for the Contact in the selected Entity.


Status Field: The status field for the selected Entity.


Create/Submit Return Field: To return a case number or some other field if a new record is created.


Name: The Name of the menu option.

Option Type:

Check Status: Customers can check the status of their application or case. The status field can be selected on the right side and can be any option field.

Upload Document: Customers can send images of documents. Requires Stralto DMX and the configuration is automatically grabbed from DMX based on the entity selected.

Submit (Create): Customers can submit simple information like service request and cases and get a reference number.

Update: Customers can modify information on existing records. This can be used to update missing information in existing applications and cases.


Sort Order: The position you want this menu option to show up in.


Selection Text: The customers see this if they select Options 1,2 or 4 above along with the list of the records associated with their contact.


Wait Text: Text sent while the information related to them is being fetched.


Success Text: Text sent if the transaction was successful and is followed by the information.


Failure Text: Text sent if there is a problem with accessing the information.


No Record Found: Text sent if the no records are found for Options 1,2 or 4.


Restart Dialog: Select Yes, if you want the customers to see the Main Menu after the transaction is completed.


If you selected Submit or Update as the option for the menu, you need to create fields that will need to be filled out as part of the conversation.

bot 13.png
bot 14.png


Fill out the information below to configure the fields.


Name: Referential Name for the BOT.

Field Text: The customer see this text in the conversation.

Sort Order: The order this field shows up in the conversation.

Field Name: The name of the field that will be updated/created. All but the Lookup Fields are supported. The validation is automatically determined based on the field that is selected.


The BOT is ready to go!! You can start testing it out by sending a text to the BOT number.

bot 15.png
bot 16.png
bot 17.png
bot 18.png