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Sustainable cities attract investments, create jobs, and foster economic growth; they are resilient and adaptable to challenges. Sustainability transforms cities into urban centres that are agile during emergencies and use proactive measures to avoid service disruptions and costly repairs. Technology plays a pivotal role in building these sustainable cities by optimizing energy usage, implementing renewable energy solutions, managing waste efficiently, and promoting eco-friendly transportation.

Webinar on "The tale of sustainable cities, accelerated by technology"

July 13, 2023 | 4 PM EST

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  • Understand the challenges faced by cities and how technology can guide the transformation toward sustainability.  

  • Expert mapping on the future of technology-enabled sustainable cities, including emerging trends and best practices. 

  • Insights into the key features, benefits, and real-world case studies of Civicare as a rapid and scalable software solution.  

  • Gain actionable insights on leveraging technology for sustainable city development.  

  • Claim a free consulting session with our industry experts and get a detailed discovery report

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Shane Lucas 

Chief Growth Officer

Nationally recognized subject matter expert in citizen assistance programs will be discussing strategies to accelerate the implementation of sustainable cities initiatives by leveraging rapid and scalable software solution – Civicare.

The Full Story

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