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Grant Management system

Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget needed a solution to manage Coronavirus Relief, American Rescue Plan Act, and State and Local Fiscal Recovery grants programs.


Solution implemented in 30 days. To date, over 800 cities, counties and state agencies use the system daily to submit applications, payment requests and project status reports. As of September 2022, more than $10 billion dollars have been managed through the system.


Grant Tracking

Grant Tracking system used by 10 city agencies including
NYPD and FDNY to track Homeland Security Grants,
Projects and Assets to stay in compliance with the Federal and
State requirements. 


The system currently tracks $4 billion in grants and over 14,000 federally funded assets.


Emergency Rental
Assistance solution

King County needed a single system to collect tenant and landlord applications and coordinate case management among 46 agencies to make eligibility decisions and issue payments.


$280 million in rental payments disbursed helping 24,700 households avoid eviction.


Grants Management System

Honolulu needed a centralized system to supports the the grant lifecycle for depart ents, non-profits, and vendors city and county-wide. Applications are submitted, reviewed, and approved. US Treasury quarterly reports are generated from the system and Power BI dashboards provide transparency into
where funds are spent.


$579,378,211.50 with 28 individual Grants combined. Collectively, $191,939,950.21 has been requested across 96 applications submitted among 15 individual internal departments within the City and County of Honolulu.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Management System for the nation’s fourth largest city, Houston, Texas needed a single system where vendors could perform case management, inspections and issue awards.


$500 million disbursed to repair and rebuild homes to 1,000 homeowners affected by Hurricane Harvey.


Emergency Rental, Homeowner’s and Small Business Assistance

The County needed a solution that could be quickly implemented to support application intake, case management, and payment disbursement for multiple grant programs, including; Small Business, Mortgage Assistance, and Rental Assisstance programs.


Solution implemented in 60 days. To date, $30 million in grants paid to small business owners and $23 million paid to landlords for past due rent and utility payments.

Covid 19 Vaccine Appointment System (VRAS)

Covid-19 Testing Registration and Appointment systems that 
support the State of Georgia’s Department of Health Covid-19
testing, vaccine registration and appointment management


The enhanced system helps Georgia citizens to register and manage the vaccines. It also helps Department of Health to schedule appointments and manage their daily vaccine schedule efficiently. 


Contract Management

Contract Management system is used by MOCJ to manage solicitations, contracts, milestones, budget, and invoicing for their contracts ranging from micro-purchases to multi-million dollars.


The system not only automated MOCS day-to-day contract management activities but also provided more insight and transparency into their process and helped them make it more efficient.

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Driver Resource Center

Driver Resource Center provides financial counseling and legal services and other useful free City resources such as health care insurance, mental health resources and more. 


The portal enables the owners and drivers to schedule and manage their appointments with the counselors.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Management system supports the NYC Build It Back program application that assists homeowners, landlords and tenants in the five boroughs whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.


By the end of 2021, $2.4 billion
was expended to serve 12,500 households with Repair, Repair with Elevation, Rebuild, Reimbursement, or Acquisition/Buyout of their home damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

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