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Girish Chhugani
Founder & CEO

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Girish Chhugani

Girish is a technology executive, solution architect and a developer.


Girish is the Founder and CEO of Stralto, Inc. With over 12 years in New York City government in various technology executive roles under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he has established himself as a leader and expert in smart cities and crisis management.


He architected and led the implementation of various transformational systems including but not limited to NYC Open Data, Notify NYC, Business Express, NYC Scout and  Citywide Event Management System.


In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Girish was appointed the CIO of the Housing Recovery Office where besides managing the build out of the office and the recovery center from grounds up, he architected and led the implementation of the Build It Back Case Management System, which was the first major NYC system to be completely hosted in the Cloud seamlessly integrated with the City’s 311, Analytics and other backend systems.

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