Modernize your IT infrastructure with low/no-code applications.

Business Applications using Microsoft Power Platform

The Stralto team has over 15 years of experience building enterprise business applications and can help you meet the unique needs of your organization with a modern business platform that makes it easy to tailor, extend or modernize your business applications—with little to no code development. We can quickly build apps, automate workflows, and bring additional data insight into your business with the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Some of the solutions already provided as part of the platform that can be quickly tailored to meet your unique needs are as follows:  Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Project Services, Automation, and Field Services.

Image by Aidan Hancock
Image by Aidan Hancock

Smart Applications using Microsoft Azure

Whether you are building a smart city or organization from scratch or trying to make your city or organization smarter, and more efficient and customer-centric, the Stralto team can help you build smart applications or make your existing applications smarter.

Natural Language Processing: Applications for Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri and Cortana with seamless integration with your backend systems to provide rich user-friendly experience to your customers.

Computer Vision: Applications that work with your existing camera infrastructure or mobile devices to provide intelligent detection and analytics capabilities.

Internet of Things: Applications that provide a way to control, monitor and interact with sensors and other internet connected devices.

BOT Services: Applications that provide a medium for users and customers to interact with the system via text messaging and other apps like Facebook and Skype.

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